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AQUALYX® 10-8ml vials

Fat Dissolving Injection



AQUALYX is designed to help reduce fat deposits in the body. Deoxycholate, an active element in Aqualyx that comes from plant-based substances, dissolves the cell membrane of fat cells to promote their breakdown. The fatty acids are subsequently released into the body to be processed by the liver’s normal metabolic functions.

  • Main Ingredient: Deoxycholate
  • Manufacturer: Marllor
  • Drug Class:
  • Generic Name: Deoxycholate
  • Package Contents: 10 x 8ML Vials
  • Storage Requirements: Room Temperature (2℃~25℃)
  • Main Usage:
About the Brand
Aqualyx has earned a reputation as a leading name in the medical sector, renowned for its ground-breaking solutions in fat dissolution and body refinement. It's acclaimed for its significant success in getting rid of persistent fat collections, specifically in zones like the chin, neck, and abdomen. Aqualyx provides individuals the opportunity to realize their desired physique, omitting the need for intrusive operations such as liposuction, making it a highly desired product among both patients and health professionals. Acquiring Aqualyx is made simple through our portal, We function as a reliable distributor of medical commodities, inclusive of Aqualyx, and deliver an effortless approach for medical professionals to acquire and replenish their inventory. Our service guarantees a smooth and dependable ordering experience, ensuring that you receive the items you require without any complications. Our easy-to-navigate site layout combined with secure payment methods, makes purchasing Aqualyx more straightforward than ever. By choosing to shop with, you can appreciate the ease of having Aqualyx brought directly to your medical practice or clinic. This eliminates unnecessary hassle, thereby allowing you to concentrate more on providing top-notch care to your patients. Additionally, our portal features fair pricing and regular promotional offers, giving you best bang for your buck. With Aqualyx accessible through our service, you can offer your patients a secure and efficient body contouring option that delivers observable outcomes.
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