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Weakening of bones, which leads to fragility and an increased risk of fractures, characterizes osteoporosis. Often, this condition manifests without clear symptoms until a crack occurs. Factors such as age, lifestyle choices, and nutritional deficiencies significantly impact its development. Proper management of this condition entails essential measures such as regular exercise, a calcium-rich diet, and, when necessary, medical interventions to reduce the risk of fractures.

Medications for Osteoporosis

  • Zoledronic acid, alendronate, ibandronate, and risedronate, among other bisphosphonates, function by inhibiting bone deterioration, thus reducing the likelihood of fractures.
  • Denosumab is a medication that hinders the activity of bone-degrading cells and is administered via an injection every six months.
  • Medications related to hormones, such as estrogen therapy for postmenopausal women, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) like raloxifene, and hormone therapy, aim to maintain bone density and diminish the risk of fractures.
  • Calcitonin, a hormone responsible for regulating calcium levels in the body, is accessible in nasal spray or injection

Benefits of Osteoporosis Treatment

  • Decreases Fracture Probability: Treatment diminishes the likelihood of fractures, particularly in vital regions like the spine, hips, and wrists.
  • Averts Complications: Swift treatment mitigates the risk of issues such as extended hospital stays or heightened reliance stemming from fractures.
  • Sustained Bone Density: Medications and lifestyle adjustments elevate bone density.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Successful treatment alleviates discomfort, boosts mobility, and enhances the daily life of individuals coping with osteoporosis.

Effective Medications and Treatment at MWS

At MWS, we care about making your bones strong and keeping you healthy. Our treatments help stop fractures and keep your bones strong. Let MWS help you manage osteoporosis. Come visit us to learn how we can make your bones healthier today.

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